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We are the Full Service Electrical Contractor in Northern California & Provide Industrial Automation from Coast to Coast...

An Electrician Inc., based in Humboldt County, CA, provides the latest technological innovations & skilled craftsmanship for all of your electrical Residential / Commercial Construction and Service needs. Our caring professionals are here to serve you on a new electrical project, a technical issue or an all out electrical crisis emergency... Call An Electrician Inc now and we'll be there to help you every step of the way, whatever your electrical needs, no matter the size of your job, day or night... Call our 24/7 Emergency Service now to get your electrical problem solved fast AND efficiently!

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UL® Listed 508A Panel Fabricator An Electrician Inc - Industrial Automation Group is a select group of enthusiastic industrial electricians & automation technicians who are now listed with UL® as a 508A Panel Fabrication Shop, demonstrating our dedication to providing our Clients with quality and peace of mind. Our outstanding project history & high standards of construction have made An Electrician Inc. the company of choice for all your Industrial Automation needs. We develop electrical systems & machinery automation for our savvy Clients in demanding environments, with a plethora of options to customize your manufacturing systems. We can make your business GROW using the highest standards of safety and quality in the global industry →

Horizontal Directional Drilling An Electrician Inc. is equipped to perform your Horizontal Directional Drilling/Boring (HDD). Horizontal Directional Drilling, sometimes referred to as Directional Boring, is a trench-less method of installing systems underground in a shallow arc along a predetermined path by the use of highly specialized drilling equipment. When installing piping, conduit or cabling underground, HDD is quickly becoming the preferred method worldwide and is the best way to have the least impact on the surrounding soil and environment. Because of its inherently low environmental impact, Horizontal Directional Drilling is best suited to applications where traditional trenching or excavating is either not practical or otherwise impossible, so call An Electrician Inc. before you break ground

Design & DevelopmentBring Us Your Ideas

We excel at engineering solutions and creative design applications. The discipline for new engineering principles and efficiency that we offer is imperative in today’s demanding project environment. Bring us your ideas and we will see your venture from conception to completion...

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Electricial ContractorCommercial - Residential

We provide professional construction & management of electrical installations, as well as full service for upgrades, retrofits, permits, repairs and emergencies. Call us today to begin your project or to consult on any electrical issue. AEI will be there for you every step of the way...

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Quality & SafetyUL® Listed & Certified

An Electrician Inc. sets the standard for quality and safety in our service areas and we are now certified and listed with UL® (Underwriters Laboratories), proving our dedication to our clients' requirements in all sectors of electrical service and construction...

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Drives & AutomationIndustrial Applications

We install and program complete automation systems for machinery controls. Utilizing the latest in today's technologies, An Electrician Inc.designs automation applications that decrease operating expenses while greatly increasing production...

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Trinidad Water Treatment
An Electrician Inc. has completed the extensive upgrade of Trinidad's Water Treatment Plant, with all new 508A components and custom Programable Logic Controls...

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Making the Connections
An Electrician Inc. has done much of the Horizontal Directional Drillng for SuddenLink's new service cable and wiring...

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Humboldt Bay Harbor Chip Dock

Green Diamond
Resource Company

Humboldt Bay Chip Dock
An Electrician Inc. performed the complete electrical re-commission on the existing system at the Humboldt Bay Harbor....

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