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Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD or directional boring) is often used in the installation of utility pipelines and conduits. A pilot borehole is drilled along a pre-determined bore path from the surface with minimum disturbance.  Horizontal Directional Drilling is used for making crossings under rivers, roads and existing structures, with the purpose of installing pipes and conduits to transport different types of fluids and materials.

Open cut, or trenching, is the most common way to install and connect utilities, but it has some limitations. This method can only be used when the ground above the utilities can be disturbed and there are no buildings, roadways or other obstructions in the way. Horizontal Directional Drilling can be used in the same situation where open cut is planned, but it can also be used to go under roads, sidewalks, rivers, even houses if there is a need for it.

HDD [usually] has a lower impact on the existing ground; meaning a lot less of the existing ground is disturbed. There is still damage that is done, as with all construction equipment, but proper planning and patience can keep it to a minimum and disturbance is far less substantial with the use of Horizontal Directional Drilling.

Key Benefits →

The benefits of Horizontal Directional Drilling are extensive – Ecological disturbance and contamination is virtually eliminated from the job site in comparison to traditional open cut installation methods. Additionally, noise pollution is isolated to the location of the drill itself, which in many cases is several hundred (or thousands) of meters from the planned exit point of the drill head and far away from homes and businesses.

Additionally, the expense along with other facets of surface restoration is minimized to a mere fraction of those associated to installations via open cutting – As only two excavations are required at the entry and exit points of the drill stem.

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Horizontal Directional Drilling An Electrician Inc. is equipped to perform your Horizontal Directional Drilling/Boring (HDD). Horizontal Directional Drilling, sometimes referred to as Directional Boring, is a trench-less method of installing systems underground in a shallow arc along a predetermined path by the use of highly specialized drilling equipment. When installing piping, conduit or cabling underground, HDD is quickly becoming the preferred method worldwide and is the best way to have the least impact on the surrounding soil and environment. Because of its inherently low environmental impact, Horizontal Directional Drilling is best suited to applications where traditional trenching or excavating is either not practical or otherwise impossible, so call An Electrician Inc. before you break ground

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