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We are the Full Service Electrical Contractor in Northern California &
Provide Industrial Automation from Coast to Coast...

we can harness the power you need

Industrial Design & Consulting

Our resourceful technicians will examine the entire scope of your project and provide you with a viable solution through conceptual design and state of the art construction disciplines to ensure the greatest potential success...

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Industrial Drives & Motors

We design and install motor applications for AC and DC motors, automated speed controls, system starting, reduced voltage, across line, high voltage and soft starters. Our service department repairs and supports DC and AC drive systems...

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Industrial automation

Our control systems utilize the latest in today’s technologies to ensure your processes are state of the art. An Electrician Inc. programs, installs and designs automation applications that create added efficiency and put more money in your pocket!

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Regardless the scope of your project, we will utilize our vast knowledge and experience to effectively guide you through the process... scheduling, cost control, compliance with building codes, inspections, plus OSHA safety rules & regulations.

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CommercialService & Upgrades

Commercial electrical projects require far greater expertise than typical home electrical repairs. In addition, the quality of electrical work performed has a direct effect on not only the aesthetics of your location, but its overall function, impacting potential profits.

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Is your business, store, office or workplace safe? If you’re not certain, contact An Electrician Inc. Our skilled electricians can help protect your property, livelihood, data and company records, not to mention your employees and customers.

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Residential Construction

Whether you are building a new home, creating an addition or just refurbishing an existing structure, we will utilize our vast knowledge and experience to effectively guide you through the process... scheduling, cost control, compliance with building codes, and all the design tips you require.

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Regardless of the size and scope of your electrical needs, we are ready to serve you both day and night. Our licensed electricians are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for your convenience, covering all of Northern California from the ocean to the mountains & everywhere in between..

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Today’s gadgets and appliances easily overload electrical systems in many of today’s older homes, causing issues that could easily be prevented with electrical upgrades. An Electrician Inc. will evaluate your home and provide the solutions to keep you up to speed in the new millennium.

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UL® Listed 508A Panel Fabrication Shop

UL® Listed

An Electrician Inc. is proud to announce they are certified with UL® as a 508A Panel Fabrication shop. UL® is the global standard in safety and has, for more than a century, employed exacting scientific processes and the highest ethical principles to deliver trusted results for the safety of people in living and working environments →

Horizontal Directional Drilling/Boring (HDD)

An Electrician Inc. is equipped to perform your Horizontal Directional Drilling/Boring. When installing piping, conduit or cabling underground, HDD is quickly becoming the preferred method of installation worldwide and is the best way to have the least impact on the surrounding soil and environment →

Jim Burt's Expertise

Drives &

With over 30 years experience servicing AC and DC Drives, Jim Burt provides you will stellar telephone and onsite service for your upgrades, repairs and new installations →


Call Jim Burt for the latest parts available for sale. Jim can give you specific recommendations and will ship your items directly via Federal Express →