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An Electrician Inc. - Industrial Automation Group has improved the performance of countless sawmills across the United States and boasts the foremost engineering technician with international experience!  Our upgrades to motors, motor controls, band mill applications and log carriage drives are state of the art in the US timber industry. We offer a plethora of creative solutions, all of which increase production, equipment life and safety standards while minimizing downtime and production costs. Added efficiency and ease of operation means more money in your pocket. We will design & build a solution to suit your particular needs. →

An Electrician Inc.’s DC & AC Log Carriage Drives not only improve performance, they also reduce energy consumption. This translates to greater productivity and higher profits! Our SC430+ drive performs with an enhanced degree of response not attainable with other Log Carriage Drives. The main Log Carriage Drive consideration is to maximize lines per minute. We analyze our clients’ systems and recommend the best combination for their carriage. Each drive system is carefully engineered for reliability and performance. Major considerations for our designs are: cable drum diameter, gear ratio, motor base speed and torque, carriage weight, “most common” log length and mechanical inertia.

Every drive is custom designed for its application and features; the options best suited for the environment in which it must work and the job it’s intended to do. All equipment is fully tested by our expert technicians before shipment to the mill site. We provide 24 hour parts and field service for every drive we sell. Call us today to find out how easily we can build one for your facility! Call An Electrician Inc. today → We Can Harness the POWER You Need!

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An Electrician Inc. - Industrial Automation Group is a professional assemblage of enthusiastic industrial electricians and automation technicians. We install electrical systems from conception to completion. Our history started over 30 years ago, long before our company was formed in 2004. The electrical construction & industrial automation experience of our people has made AEI a very successful company today. Our exceptional project history and high standards of construction have made An Electrician Inc. the company of choice for all of your electrical projects. We develop custom electrical systems and machinery automation to meet the specific needs of our customers, and we perform service and maintenance for those systems so our clients won’t miss a beat. Our prestigious resume, project experience and strong, long relationship history makes us agile in today’s industry market, keeping projects financially viable for our customers. We can make your business GROW 

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Jim Burt - When it comes to industrial electrical applications, installations, upgrades, conversions, and retrofits, Jim Burt is our go-to guy. He is the resident service technician at An Electrician Inc. and has over 30 years of experience as the service technician for Industrial Electric Service Company (IESCo) Drives.

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Log Carriage Drive in ACTION →
Log Carriage Drive in ACTION →
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