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Jim Burt is the Premiere Engineering Technician →

Jim Burt - UL® 508A Industrial Control Panel Fabricator → When it comes to industrial electrical applications, installations, upgrades, conversions, and retrofits, Jim Burt is the go-to guy at An Electrician Inc. He is the resident service technician at An Electrician Inc. and has over 30 years of experience as the premiere technician of Industrial Electric Service Company (IESCo) Drives. Jim carries on the industrial implementation that was IESCo’s specialty — particularly sawmills, veneer systems and plywood plants. The large population of IESCo systems in place throughout the country can now be serviced, maintained, repaired, and retro-fitted with Jim’s expertise. Any industrial application that requires the operation of electrical motors can be implemented by Jim Burt. The equipment with which he has implementation experience includes band mills, sharp chains, and edger feeds. Log carriage systems comprise a large part of Jim’s work experience and expertise. Conversion of a log carriage system from analog to digital, for instance, can pay for itself in terms of electrical load and added efficiencies. Jim is also knowledgeable in the repair of AC & DC drives, and he supports all IESCo drives. An Electrician Inc. has a large inventory of PLCs, SCRs, gating drives, pulse transformer boards, 590 power supply boards (and 590-plus) and other essential components, which can be purchased directly through Jim or installed by An Electrician Inc.

An Electrician Inc. Can Handle Your Industrial Automation →

An Electrician Inc. - Industrial Automation Group → Soft starts (soft start devices) can reduce start-up load on AC 3-phase motors by up to 50% (reducing initial start-up load from 600% of current to 300+% of current). Soft start implementation and installation is another of Jim’s specializations. GE induction master switches are another component that Jim is ready to repair, replace or upgrade in your existing system(s). Jim’s work experience with installing new industrial systems has taken him around the globe. He was responsible for the drive systems for the first plywood plant in Uruguay, and has completed systems in Argentina and Japan as well. Wherever you or your industrial applications are located, Jim is available for phone support as well as onsite service. He also restores, tests and warranties used DC drives, which he sells with a 90-day warranty that does not include affects of user installation. He also works with air conditioning units for drives.

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