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We are the Full Service Electrical Contractor in Northern California & Provide Industrial Automation from Coast to Coast...

Consultation & Design→

An Electrician Inc.’s commitment to customer satisfaction ensures that our clients have a competitive advantage on all of their electrical and mechanical projects. Engineering solutions and creative design is where we excel! Our diverse experience and innovative approach allow us to focus on the needs of our clients, ensuring that our products and services improve value without sacrificing quality, reliability or service. Our resourceful technicians will examine the entire scope of the project and provide you with a viable solution through conceptual design while utilizing state of the art construction disciplines to ensure the greatest potential success. Call An Electrician Inc. today and let us harness the POWER you need!

Automation →

An Electrician Inc. installs and programs complete automation systems for machinery controls. Our control systems utilize the latest in today’s technologies to ensure your processes are state of the art. A strong group history of automation programming disciplines & installations make our projects extremely successful. There are many new and exciting technologies to provide profitable opportunities for today’s manufacturers. An Electrician Inc. programs, installs and designs automation applications that create added efficiency and put more money in your pocket! Call An Electrician Inc. today and let us harness the POWER you need!

Drives & Motors →

An Electrician Inc.’s Drive & Motor project application experience of 2000HP and below is widely installed throughout the United States today. We design and install motor application for AC and DC motors, automated speed controls, system starting, reduced voltage, across line, high voltage and soft starters. Our service department repairs and supports DC and AC drive systems. An Electrician Inc. motor controllers increase production and decrease operating expenses, making manufacturing more profitable. Our motor control systems are highly efficient, history tested and very dependable,

Jim Burt is the resident service technician at An Electrician Inc. and has over 30 years of experience as the service technician for Industrial Electric Service Company (IESCo). Jim carries on the industrial implementation that was IESCo’s specialty — particularly sawmills, veneer systems and plywood plants. The large population of IESCo systems in place throughout the country can now be serviced, maintained, repaired, and retro-fitted with Jim’s expertise. Any industrial application that requires the operation of electrical motors can be implemented by Jim Burt. The equipment with which he has implementation experience includes band mills, sharp chains, and edger feeds. Log carriage systems comprise a large part of Jim Burt’s work experience and expertise. Conversion of a log carriage system from analog to digital, for instance, can pay for itself in terms of electrical load and added efficiencies. Jim is also knowledgeable in the repair of AC & DC drives, and he supports all IESCo drives. An Electrician Inc. has a large inventory of PLCs, SCRs, gating drives, pulse transformer boards, 590 power supply boards (and 590-plus) and other essential components, which can be purchased directly through Jim or installed by An Electrician Inc.

We Can Harness the POWER You Need →

Additionally, these are just some of the Custom Services we can provide for your growing business, all of which can be custom designed, installed and tailored to your particular needs by our highly experienced engineers and technicians →

  • Programmable Logic Controllers
  • Human Machine Interface Controls
  • Communication Networks Data Control
  • Supervisory Control Data Acquisition
  • Positioning PID & Loop Tuning
  • Radio & Wireless Data Remote Controls
  • Motors, Motor Control Drives & Starter

HMI - Human Machine Interface & Safety - Our machinery safety designs are always integrated in our automation controls and programming. It is an important topic in manufacturing today. Preventing machinery failures & personnel injury is a large part of the controls we install, in fact, it is the most important aspect of our business today. Experience has a proven conclusion: safety designs and devices, properly installed, prevent machinery failure and injury to your people! →

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