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Design & Development

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An Electrician Inc. designs cost effective and efficient electrical systems for industrial, commercial and residential purposes that meet our customers’ individual requirements. We excel at engineering solutions and creative design applications. The discipline for new engineering principles and efficiency that we offer is imperative in today’s demanding project environment. Bring us your ideas and we will see your venture through conception to completion. All of our electrical systems are engineered to be safe, dependable and trusted. The solutions we create are backed by our certification with UL®, proving our dedication to safety and customer assurance. Because of our stellar experience in electrical design and engineering, An Electrician Inc. has completed projects that meet client budgets and exceed customer expectations.
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In addition to performing traditional electrical construction, An Electrician Inc. has the capabilities to design your custom power distribution, system control, and automation. An Electrician Inc. can take your electrical project through all the necessary phases, from customer verbal specification, to written specification, to design, and all the way through construction and commissioning. We have the expertise to deliver quality design services, customized to meet the specific requirements of our customers. At An Electrician Inc., our attention to detail and quality ensures our work will always meet and often times exceed our clients' expectations. An Electrician Inc. design systems maximize efficiency, often resulting in less labor and a lower installed cost. Our technicians, engineers and design team are a professional and safety conscious work force. An Electrician Inc. has a history of successfully completing sophisticated electrical installations.  We Can Harness the POWER You Need →

Industrial Automation
PLC • HMI • AC&DC Drives

An Electrician Inc. installs and programs complete automation systems for machinery controls. Our control systems utilize the latest in today’s technologies to ensure your processes are state of the art. There are many new and exciting technologies to provide profitable opportunities for today’s manufacturers. An Electrician Inc. programs, installs and designs automation applications that create added efficiency and put more money in your pocket!

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Full Service Electrical Contractor

Based in Humboldt County, CA and servicing all surrounding areas, An Electrician Inc. provides the latest technological innovations & skilled craftsmanship for all of your electrical Residential and Commercial Construction and Service needs. Our caring professionals are here to serve you on a new electrical project, a technical issue or an all out electrical crisis emergency... Call An Electrician Inc and we'll be there to help you every step of the way!

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